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ELECTROLYTE PWDR is a natural hydration drink mix formulated to fuel your workouts and help you live a healthier more hydrated life, with 550mg of sodium, 5,000mg of coconut water and 0 added sugar.

Servings 15 STICKS
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Proper hydration is essential for athletic performance and an all-around healthy life, Electrolyte PWDR works to deliver water to your tissues, helping your nerves to fire properly and muscles to contract, staying properly hydrated helps prevent cramping, fatigue, headaches and dizziness. When exercising it is essential to replenish electrolytes lost from sweat, evidence suggests consuming between 230 and 690 mg of sodium is optimal for hydration(1). For endurance athletes it is recommended to consume a sodium intake of 300-600 mg per hour during exercise to regain lost electrolytes(2)